“Golden Visa” The so-called “Golden Visa” is a type of special residence that can be obtained by all those citizens from outside the European Union who want to move to Spanish territory by INVESTMENT. The characteristics of this type of visa are contemplated in Law 14/2013 of Support for entrepreneurs, a Law that introduced into our legal system an incentive that already existed in other European countries and that aims to favor foreign investment in Spain.

In recent years this residence permit is gaining a lot of popularity, especially for its speed and simplicity.

Financial assets

Public debt (€2 million)
⇒ Certificate entities or Bank of Spain
Shares (€ 1 milion)
– Unlisted shares and equity
⇒ statement of investment filed with the Investments Register of the Directorate-General for International Trade
– or Listed shares
⇒ document from a financial broker registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) or the Bank of Spain
– Funds set up in Spain, (€1 million)
⇒ certificate from the fund manager
– Venture capital Funds
⇒ Certificate from the Fund Manager
⇒ Bank deposits (1 Million)

⇒ certificate from the financial institution.


⇒ 500.000€ Total not included taxes
⇒ No charges
⇒ Certificate of property Register and real state purchase deed. If not, engagement contract.


⇒ No minimun investment required
⇒ Creation of jobs, Social and economic impact and Significant contribution to innovation.
⇒ Bussiness Proyect and favorable report from DGCOMINVER.

If you develop an entrepreneurial activity of an innovative nature, and you think it has a special economic interest for Spain, you can benefit from the residency regime for entrepreneurs.

There are two ways:

⇒ A visa, if you are out and need to come to Spain to develop the necessary procedures to start up the entrepreneurial activity.

⇒ A residence authorization, if you are in Spain and you can start your project. There are no minimum investment or job creation requirments. An individual analysis of each project is always needed. Therefore, you must provide a business plan for your project that will show its economic interest for Spain.


A Residence visa for a one-year residency.

Two-year residence permit that can be renewed:

– If the investment is maintained, and

– If you have made at least one visit to Spain during the residency period.

To request the initial residence permit you must already hold an investor visa.

The residence permit allows its holder to live and work anywhere in Spain.

The awarding of this residence permit does not require actual residence in Spain, which is considered to be that over 183 days. The only requirement is to visit Spain once during the period of residence.

Combined processing of permits for couples and their children.


Investors who make a significant investment in Spain:

– Real estate assets (€500,000)

– Shares or bank deposits (€1 million)

– Public debt (€2 million)

– Business projects in Spain considered being of general interest.

  • Visas will be processed at the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin or residence.
  • Residence permits will be processed by the Large Business and Strategic Groups Unit [Unidad de Grandes Empresas y Colectivos Estratégicos (UGE-CE)].
  • General documents:

– Identity document or passport.

– Public or private health insurance taken out with a company operating in Spain.

– Background check.

– Proof of sufficient funds to support the applicant and members of his/her family during residence in Spain.

Documents providing proof of the investment:


Property: certificate of registration of the property and purchase deeds of the real estate.

  • Unlisted shares and equity: statement of investment filed with the Investments Register of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Registro de Inversiones).
  • Listed shares: document from a financial broker registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CMNV) or the Bank of Spain.
  • Public debt: certificate from the financial institution or the Bank of Spain indicating that the applicant has been the sole owner of the investment for a period of not less than five years.
  • Bank deposits: certificate from the financial institution indicating that the applicant is the sole owner of the bank deposit.
  • Business project: before applying for a visa or permit, a favorable report is required on the business and entrepreneurial activity intended to be carried out in Spain.

For visas, the report on the entrepreneurial activity of interest should be requested from the Spanish Economic and Trade Office in the same area where the visa is requested.

For residence permits, the general interest report should be requested before applying for a residence permit at the Directorate-General for Trade and Investment.


What should I bring to request the report?

The business plan of the project, specifically: the professional profile of the investor, the type of business activity, the number of jobs that will be created, the features and qualifications required for each, where the project will be set up (geographical area), how much the investment will be and the origin of the funds.


What is a project in the general interest?

One that creates jobs.

Investments with a social and economic impact on the geographical area where they are made.

One that makes a significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation.